Financial Strategies for a Successful Retirement

  CE Fall 2020
  10/20/2020 - 11/3/2020
  6:00 PM - 8:30 PM
  Online Class:
  Anmarie Rizzo

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Class Meets for (3) consecutive Tuesdays 10/20- 11/3. Students should attend all (3) classes. Materials will be provided by the instructor. This class is being held virtually. Please submit a current email address, that theinstructor can provide you with log-on information. Course fee is per couple: register just one person please and list the name of the individual attending with you. Please take advantage of the automated Class Reminder on our Web-Store when registering, located in the upper right-hand corner under Event Action.


This is a 3-part class held virtually for our Fall 2020 program. This program will show you wise money management techniques and help you prepare for lifestyle issues leading to retirement. You will learn to seek more from your investments, Social Security and retirement plans, how to protect your hard-earned assets from erosion due to inflation and the possible cost of long-term healthcare. We will discuss estate-planning issues such as health care proxies, wills, trusts, and taxes. Materials will be provided by instructor. Please make sure that you provide an updated email so that the instructor can contact you with information on how to log-on for this online class.

Student should be present for all 3 classes.

Registration fee is $44.00 per couple: Please register just one person.